Parent Testimonials

Each of the below comments were made during a parent feedback request, June 2010. Original copies are available upon request.

“Thanks for taking care of D so well and he even seems to be happier at home now to try new foods. You are doing a great job and have wonderful staff. I would highly recommend your nursery.” - Pre-school Parent

“As far as J’s development is concerned I can’t really think of anything different that you are not doing. She is really very happy at nursery.” - Tweenie Parent

“I am always so impressed to hear about how Kerry, G’s key worker, has individualised her approach to celebrate G’s interests and uses them to engage him in his pre-school curriculum…I have every confidence that, thanks to your superb input, he will take primary school very well!” - Pre-school Parent

“Your patience and kindness as staff are second to none! Every day S is at Nursery, I am met with an enthusiastic and genuinely warm report about how one of you has spent one-to-one time with her, doing the things she loves. I am certain that it is because of this that she is growing to be the happy and confident little girl that she is!” - Toddler Parent

“I enjoyed reading S’s portfolio, to see all the activities you do with her and how she has been involved. Alex always takes the time to tell me how she is getting on. I am very happy to have chosen Rupert‘s” - Baby Room Parent

“J likes playing outside at Nursery - and he gets lots of opportunities to do so. We love that the staff have all been at Rupert’s a long time…we turned down a school Nursery place recently to keep J at Rupert’s because he’s so happy.” - Tweenie Parent

“The workbook is fantastic, [where] we can see his development week by week at home …. Our baby has grown to love the staff and so have we.” - Baby Room Parent

“I have reviewed J’s development and assessment records which include a good track of her progress and it’s easy to track how she is going to go forward. We really would like to say thank you and we really appreciate all the work you do” - Toddler Parent

“Thank you to your excellent team at Rupert’s for the wonderful care you have given both our sons…I have found all of your staff to be supportive and clearly very committed to both the children in their care and the nursery itself and I would recommend Rupert's to anyone.” - Pre-school Parent