Health and Nutrition

We place great importance on keeping healthy. We teach the children about the importance of eating healthily and taking regular exercise. We provide delicious and nutritious home - cooked meals and snacks. All meals are made from fresh produce and prepared in the nursery by qualified and trained staff. We want to offer you the best possible support, and work with you when it comes to your childrens eating and nutritional development. We aim to encourage the development of healthy eating habits so childrens mealtimes are a relaxed, enjoyable group time with children interacting and learning valuable social skills like a family mealtime.




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Get Up and Go!

At Ruperts we believe that it is essential that we provide a healthy approach to ensure your child grows and develops well. Ruperts has a large outdoor play area. All our children have access to this throughout the day to ensure they get the fresh air and open space which is vital to young childrens learning and development. Outdoor activities are planned as an extension of each room and enable the children to develop and learn many more skills. The children have regular active times each day and enjoy dance and games sessions as part of the curriculum.