Our Team

The Ruperts team have been carefully selected for their enduring commitment and genuine love of working with children.

They are a strong, enthusiastic and highly qualified team with excellent retention levels and minimum staff turnover; which ensures that the children develop very secure relationships with our staff.

We have a detailed staff development and appraisal programme that ensures the team are kept abreast of both new developments and qualifications. This means that the quality of the childcare provision is constantly being refined and improved.

You will often hear the phrase "Key Person" in the nursery. Whilst children are looked after in groups it is important that we meet the individual needs of your child and ensure your child has the opportunity to bond with a "special person" at nursery. It is also important that you have a specific person whom you get to know and are comfortable to share information with. Each child is assigned a Key Person at the settling in stage. It is their role to share information with you about your child and to ensure your child's individual needs are being met. They observe your child in order to be able to plan for your child's learning and development and to make assessments on their progress.